S1:E1 | The Pilot - The Who, What, Why of The Show

This episode shares the who, what, and 3 of the key goals of the show - think clearly, feel deeply, and do more of what matters. I also share some of my backstory and why I'm discussing these topics.

Leaders get everything! If you identify as a leader, then there are eleventy-billon podcasts, blogs, and resources for you. There are relatively few resources for those of you who are trying to grow and improve yourselves that don't have a corporate title to validate your "leadership". Leadership starts with leading yourself.

I'm not speaking as the "sage of all ages" but as someone who's in the trenches with you and wants to share what I'm learning in the hopes you are better off for it.

We're better when we rise together.

Until next time... Keep Rising!
Kenny Lange